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Dynamic balancing instrumentation EasyBalance PRO

Additional features available in EasyBalance PRO

Balancing instrumentation, EasyBalance PRO
  • SAE Balancing Machine Performance Testing
    SAE ARP tests, certification and reports are an integrated part of the package. Covers ARP4048, ARP4050, ARP5223 and ARP4162
  • Custom menu
    Operator can select those features which should be available. This will allow to tailor the complexity of the software to operator preference, from “basic” to “everything”.
  • Calibration mass recommendation
    In soft-bearing or Teach-mode a calibration mass will be suggested, based on part tolerance.
  • Statistics
    Individual unbalance results are automatically logged and statistics are shown, for instance for Statistical Process Control
  • Print-to-file
    Default file locations are automatically customized based on operator preference. Can include network locations.
  • Irregular segments
    In addition to editable exclusion zones, operator can simply turn rotor at positions not available for correction and push a button. The location will automatically be excluded (encoder required).
  • Combine weights
    A checkbox “Exclude current result” is available to combine only the existing correction masses into one.
  • Print report preview
    A print preview is shown in the Print report dialog.
  • Calibration data
    Calibration data (soft-bearing or teach-mode) can be included in the Balancing Certificate printout.
  • Tooling Averaging
    Multiple runs can be averaged into one result, for each tooling compensation step.
  • Tooling Audit
    A tooling error percentage can be used to indicate tooling wear. Previous and current Tooling compensation values are displayed, and individual results can be selected to combine into a new compensation result
  • Tooling History
    Previous and current Tooling compensation values are shown in a spreadsheet or a history graph
  • Customizable Label printing
    Select and customize fields and label headings. Print labels automatically. Bar-code ready
  • Automation
    For machine control and automation, the EasyBalance software adds OPC client capabilities. Easy and efficient real-time communication with PLC is accomplished utilizing the industry standard OPC protocol

Customizable menu and feature levels

Balancing instrumentation, Feature selection
  • Customize your software the way you like it.
  • Show only those features which are important to you
  • Streamline the balancing operation.

Live Polar Diagram, full control

Balancing instrumentation, Polar screenOnce the operator has clicked START BALANCING, the screen shows a live Polar Diagram. The measurements are taken quickly and in real-time.

The averaging cycle time can be selected by the operator to his/her liking, and best suited to the particular balancing application.

3D Rotor Diagram

Balancing instrumentation, 3D Rotor imageOnce the unbalance measurement is complete, the result is presented in either one of three ways:
Polar Diagram
3D Rotor Image
Amount and Angle

A 3-dimensional Rotor Image greatly helps to quickly make sense of the unbalance amount and location.

When the operator turns the rotor by hand to position the rotor for unbalance correction, the rotor image precisely follows and makes pinpointing the unbalance location a snap (Encoder required).

Drill correction and many other

Balancing instrumentation, Polar DiagramOnce the unbalance measurement is complete, the result is presented in either one of three ways:
Polar Diagram
3D Rotor Image
Amount and Angle

A multitude of special correction programs are included with the EasyBalance software. In this example the operator selected Drill Correction, and the EasyBalance calculated the required drilling information and shows the calculated drill depth, true to size.

Suitable for Automation

The EasyBalance dynamic balancing software can be used with semi- or fully-automatic balancing systems.

The EasyBalance software can be configured as an OPC Client.

For a list of available OPC tags, click here.